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Making a Necklace for the Harpy

She likes shiny things and bones.

Alright, I'll admit it here.
I can mansplain too.
In case this icon wasn't a hint.

I love Katanagatari. It keeps surprising me with how much it can endear itself to me each month.

Rant Meme + eggs
Okay, so I grabbed dragon eggs because... I honestly don't know. I just do from time to time. BUT. I don't feel like making this post a complete waste. So. Bringing back the rant meme with one alteration.

Give me any trope or cliché, and I'll rant about it.

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Alright, I finally get to post my summerfest submission her, since we're all doing our reveals and such. And for extra fun, my submission this year was my first (and very likely to be only) foray into the world of Kuroshitsuji fic!

warnings: Ridiculous one off OC, very little plot, bad French, silly names, sexual harassment, questionable pairing, total lack of socially redeeming value, sweet tooth and just deserts. This is also the summary.

Of Forfeiture and Acquisitions in Her Majesty's British Empire and Abroad

Dessert was served in the dining room promptly at 9:30pm; in honor of the visiting Vicomte de Mignon, Sebastian arrived with a raspberry gâteau--a fallen chocolate soufflé served topped with fresh raspberries in a raspberry and red currant sauce, and with a garnish of red wine caramel, mint, and softly whipped cream.Collapse )

Reactions to Bleach
And divide by zero.
SPOILERSCollapse )

And a quick reaction to Naruto too.Collapse )

Feeling sort of ambivalent about the Avatar sequel series.
And divide by zero.
And when I say ambivalent, I don't mean apathetic. I am interested. I am also, however, torn.

Cut for ramble.Collapse )

We are so intellectual.
I can mansplain too.
sarolynne...Fuck you, Taco Bell.
mildmay (10:48:12 PM): What did Taco Bell do?
sarolynne (10:48:53 PM): They have a retarded and rather sexist commercial.
mildmay (10:49:35 PM): :\
sarolynne (10:49:51 PM): Because only men like bacon!
mildmay (10:50:02 PM): :|a
mildmay (10:50:12 PM): I could have sworn that I like bacon
sarolynne (10:50:27 PM): Yeah, me too.
sarolynne (10:51:02 PM): But women would only buy a bacon chalupa or however you spell that is to attract men. Because men love bacon.
mildmay (10:51:57 PM): ...That's dumb
mildmay (10:52:30 PM): I guess food is like sex. Women don't really like it, they just do it because guys are into it. :|a
sarolynne (10:52:47 PM): ...Well, there's TWO things apparently I don't like.
mildmay (10:52:59 PM): Did you think you did?
mildmay (10:53:11 PM): Clearly you were wrong.
sarolynne (10:53:15 PM): Clearly.
mildmay (10:53:24 PM): Or maybe you're a guy!
sarolynne (10:53:30 PM): ...:|a
mildmay (10:53:35 PM): :|a
sarolynne (10:53:43 PM): ALL THESE YEARS I DIDN'T KNOW IT
mildmay (10:54:01 PM): Well. Taco Bell has educated you.
sarolynne (10:54:09 PM): They are full of learnings.
mildmay (10:54:35 PM): This conversation is ridiculous. You should post it to your journal or something.

Return of the Rant Meme
sushi - sake
It's been a while, so I have lots of ranting built up, probably.

Same as before. You provide the topic, I provide the rant.

ETA: And I might as well add these, since I'm posting.
Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

And Now, A Rant.
Shot through the heart.
And what will this rant be about? Well, nothing particularly timely or relevant, so if you were hoping for that, I am sorry to disappoint. But I've been telling mildmay that I'd rant about this for a while now, and it really is pretty annoying, so timely or not, why not go with it?

The subject of this diatribe?

XanderCollapse )

Boredom = Meme
I can mansplain too.
Snagged from mildmay, among others.

Give me a character, a series, or a pairing and in return I'll give you three reasons why I love that character, that series, or that pairing!

Yeah, I know, I suck.
Need a smoke.
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


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